Join your fellow Jr Miss/DYW Alumnae

What a heritage this unique program has established over the past 60 years!

I was a participant at the local and state levels in 2005.  The experience was a launching point for me.  My appreciation for the DYW program has deepened through the years as I continue to realize its role in preparing me for every aspect of life as a young professional.   

Supporting DYW as an alumna is an obvious response to me, and hopefully to other alumnae.  I am inspired to give back to the

community that has supported us all in fulfilling our dreams.

Distinguished Young Women of Taylor County awarded $12,000 in cash scholarships to the participants in the class of 2019.  

Our goal for the Class of 2020 is to provide an additional $2,000 in cash scholarships.  If 80 alumni contributed a minimum of $25 each,
we could reach this goal!  Participants put these scholarships to great use each year, paying for books, room and board,

 and tuition at colleges and universities primarily in our state.  We need your help, so I am asking you to join me in

supporting this experience of a lifetime for the young women of Taylor County.  

Please complete the registration form and contribute online to the DYW Alumni.  We thank you for your support!


Amory (Cox) Scott

Alumni Committee Chairman

Alumna Registration Form

Distinguished Young Women is a 501 (c) 3 organization.  

Contributions may be deducted as a business expense or as a charitable contribution.

Scholarship Request Information

If you were awarded a cash scholarship through the DYW of Taylor County program please make sure you meet the following requirements. Complete the DYW of Taylor Co. Request for Scholarship Funds form & mail to


DYW of Taylor County

PO Box 41

Campbellsville, Ky. 42719

All requirements must be met to received scholarship funds

1.  You must be a high school graduate 

2.  Must be enrolled in an accredited college or university

3.  Must be considered full time status

Summer full time status is 9 hours & Fall & Spring full time status is 12 hours

How scholarship funds may be used?

Tuition, fees, parking, meal plans, board and items charged by the school in regards to the semester you are enrolling in.

DYW of Taylor County can pay directly to the school or reimburse you.  


To pay school directly, send invoice attached to the

DYW TC Scholarship Request Form found below.


If you have already paid the expense, be sure to PROVIDE PROOF OF PAYMENT with the

DYW TC Scholarship Request Form found below.

Other ways to use your scholarship funds are:

Text books

Technology - laptop, iPad, tablet, or printer

Test fees

Entrance exam fees

Studies abroad tuition, room and board (except flights)

Must submit a receipt with the DYW TC Scholarship Request Form


Accessories for the dorm room or apartment

Pens, paper, notebook

Toner for PC or laptop

Contact us


DYW of Taylor County

PO Box 41

Campbellsville, Ky. 42719