We’re so excited that you’ve decided to participate in the Distinguished Young Women of Taylor County scholarship program!  


Distinguished Young Women of Taylor County is part of a nationwide program which awards scholarships for young women’s achievement.  Throughout your participation you will be encouraged to reach your goals, continue your education and be confident in your opinions.  College scholarships are available to all participants and over $1.5 billion scholarships are available nationally! 

The Distinguished Young Women program is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.


Below you will find all the information you will need in order to be a part of the DYW of Taylor County program. 

If you or your parents have any questions while reading the handbook or any time during your participation,

don’t hesitate to contact Stephanie Johnson, at 270.403.9385. 

The better you understand the program, the more you will get out of your experience. 


We look forward to an awesome program Saturday, September 21, 2019!


Stephanie Johnson & Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Distinguished Young Women of 

Taylor County Committee Co-Chairs

Class of 2020 Participant Forms


Distinguished Young Women (DYW) is a highly respected organization based on strong morals. As a representative of Distinguished Young Women, it is your job to help us protect the integrity of the program and those involved. Please help us by demonstrating consistent behavior with the following standards. 


Being a Role Model. 


As a Distinguished Young Woman, you are a role model to people of all ages – young and old. Others notice your actions and the public and the media may scrutinize what you say and do. Therefore, you should always be on your best behavior and be considerate of how your actions reflect on both you and the Distinguished Young Women program. 


Online Networking. 

Please use extreme caution with your online activities on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Anything published online is public information, whether or not you intend it to be. The way you present yourself online through information, photos, music, etc may negatively reflect your character, as well as the character of Distinguished Young Women. Refrain from using bad language, offensive comments, and suggestive photographs that may portray you as anything but wholesome. Keep in mind, innocent materials may be misinterpreted and used to negatively represent your character, so consider all possible interpretations of your comments, photos, videos, etc. This is a serious issue. If you are asked by Distinguished Young Women to remove any content from a social networking site, please do so promptly and understand that you are helping to protect the integrity of Distinguished Young Women by adhering to these principles. 


Moral Standards. 

As a representative of Distinguished Young Women, you are expected to maintain a high moral standard. It is not acceptable for participants to use alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or offensive language. Distinguished Young Women is not affiliated with any religion or personal belief. While Distinguished Young Women supports the freedoms of religion and speech, please be mindful of others when voicing your opinions and beliefs, especially as a representative of the program. 



Please be sure that your clothing is modest and appropriate for all functions in which you are a representative of Distinguished Young Women. Wear your medallion at public appearances unless you are instructed otherwise. 



For your protection, as well as the integrity of Distinguished Young Women, please refrain from speaking to any member of the press without the approval and proper supervision. When speaking to the media, make eye contact with the reporter – not the camera. Speak clearly and concisely and avoid using slang terms. Try to eliminate filler words (um, like, you know, etc.). If you don’t know an answer to a question you are asked, simply let the reporter know that you do not know instead of making up an answer. The reporter may rephrase the question to clarify what he or she is asking.


Things to Know. 


The following items are items with which you should be familiar and should share with members of the media whenever possible: 


- Distinguished Young Women’s national outreach program is Be Your Best Self. All participants should promote this program during their time as a representative.            Please be familiar with its five elements and purpose and be able to share the program with others whenever possible. 

- Since 1958, Distinguished Young Women has awarded more than $93 million in cash scholarships to young women across the nation. 


- During the 2011 program year, participants received more than $2 million in cash scholarships to young women on the local, state and national levels. 

- More than 700,000 young women have participated in Distinguished Young Women, formerly America’s Junior Miss, on the local, state and national levels. Remember      these statistics and share them as much as possible. 

- Distinguished Young Women is thankful for its national sponsors. Please be familiar with who they are and what they do. Without these and other sponsors, the                  Distinguished Young Women programs would not be possible. 


- Distinguished Young Women is not a beauty pageant, but rather a scholarship program that recognizes and rewards overall excellence. Be able to explain the                      significance of this statement and what it means to you. 


- The Distinguished Young Women evaluation process includes Scholastics, Interview, Fitness, Talent and Self-Expression. Remember these categories and share them      with the media when discussing the program. Be able to give a general description of each category. 

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DYW of Taylor County

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